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Are you trouble to find a web development company in Gorakhpur?

If you are looking for the best web development company in Gorakhpur, then your search has found its destination. We, Website Makers, are the leading company in web designing and digital marketing services in Gorakhpur and nearby area. Before talking any further , we have to look more essential things for website development and design :

What is Website, Web Designing & Web Development?


A Website is a structured organization of web pages. Web pages are full of text or multimedia content(images, audio, video etc.) or both, in an organized way. All the web pages of a website interlinked to each other and identified by a common domain name.

Web Designing

Web Design or Web Designing refer creation of a website. In Web designing, we, Website Makes, strongly focused on Appearance and Layout, means an organization of the contents on a web page, by keeping in mind, how it will appear on web browsers as well as how easy to use it. Better user experience is our topmost priority at the time of designing a website.

Web Designing is all about, organization of content design in that way, it might great for almost all the screen size like Mobile Phones, Tablet PCs, NoteBook PCs, Laptop as well as Desktop.

Web Development

Web Development refers to the coding part of the website which may be related to Client-Site Coding, Server-Site Coding, and Database Connectivity & Management. At, Website Makers, the Web Developers are expertized to write code for functions as per the requirement of the client.

The web developers are only responsible for the life of a website and converting it into a complex web application. There is always a web developer behind every running function of a web application.

Who are Web Developers & Web Development Companies?

Web Developers may an individual freelancer or work for a company to develop a web application, by which various activity and functionality could be done. They also manage the activity according to user interaction with the interface, dynamically with the help of web programming languages like PHP, JAVA, ASP, Perl. On the other hand, a web designer usually creates web pages using HTML and CSS for coding & styling. some of the web designers may also use several latest technologies for this like Jquery, JavaScript etc.

A web development company houses several web designers and web developers. They work together on the web development company as a team. Different designers and developers in the company have different capability and expertize in various technologies who helps you to provide a new edge of your project.

As a Web Designing company, we are mainly focused on customer satisfaction and relationship. We have a dedicated team for customer relationship management by which we communicate with the customer, gather requirements, take feedback and ask for the suggestions to improve our team and services. On the other hand, most of the freelance web designers do not have a team for customer relationship management, they do your work for the one time and focused on the new clients.

Even various company in the field of web designing in Gorakhpur do not have any policies like customer relationship management. They charge you a huge cost for your project and never look back to you for support and feedback. They never provide any upgrade for previously done projects, if you ask for that they demand a big amount which is much higher than its worth.
We at Website Makers always provide information about the latest technologies and upgrade available in the market, if you agree with that then, we do provide it for you at no or very nominal cost.

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