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If you are searching for the best web designing company in Lucknow then your search is over now. We, Website Makers, are the leading company in web designing and digital marketing services in Lucknow and nearby area. Before talking any further , we have to look more essential things for website development and design :

What is Website & Web Designing?

A Website is a collection of web pages. These web pages may have text or multimedia content(images, audio, video etc.) or have both in a organize representation of these type of content.
Web pages of a website must be interlinked to each other and must be identified by a common domain name.

Web Design or Web Designing refers to creating a website. Web designing is mainly focused on user experience which may include Appearance and Layout, which means how the contents are organized on a web page, how it will appear on web browsers as well as how easy to use it.
Web Designing was focused on an appearance on the desktop browser only but since mid-2010 web design is strongly focused on responsive layout which means appearance and organization of content design in that way it would be great for almost all the screen size like Mobile Phones, Tablet PCs, NoteBook PCs, Laptop as well as Desktop.

Who are Web Designers & Web Designing Companies?

A Web Designer may an individual freelancer or work for a company, creates the layouts of the web pages according to the content present in it. A web designer also keeps the styling of the web page in order to meet the better user experience as well as the user interface. A web designer usually creates web pages using HTML and CSS for coding & styling. Most of the web designer may also use several latest technologies for this like Jquery, JavaScript etc.

A web designing company do exactly what a web designer does. But a web designing company houses several web designers. The web designers are in the web designing company work as a team. Different designers in the company have different capability and expertize in various technologies who helps you to provide a new edge of your project.

As a Web Designing company, we are mainly focused on customer satisfaction and relationship. We have a dedicated team for customer relationship management by which we communicate with the customer, gather requirements, take feedback and ask for the suggestions to improve our team and services. On the other hand, most of the freelance web designers do not have a team for customer relationship management, they do your work for the one time and focused on the new clients.

Even various company in the field of web designing in Lucknow do not have any policies like customer relationship management. They charge you a huge cost for your project and never look back to you for support and feedback. They never provide any upgrade for previously done projects, if you ask for that they demand a big amount which is much higher than its worth.
We at Website Makers always provide information about the latest technologies and upgrade available in the market, if you agree with that then, we do provide it for you at no or very nominal cost.

Freelance Web Designers Versus Web Designing Companies


There is no doubt a number of freelance Web Designers who have very great knowledge about web designing and technologies related to it. They also are the master of creativity and innovation. But apart from that, they have a limitation in terms of knowledge, creativity, and innovation because as an individual they have limited resources and mind level.

But a web designing company like we are, always look forward to being resourceful, hire experienced web designers and design a research & development team to explore the opportunity in order to represent more creative and innovative work.

Time Management:

Time Management is the key feature of every good work.
“If the work is not done on time, there is no worth of that work.”
Most of the freelancers are doing their own job in some web designing company or somewhere else, and they do freelance web designing on a part-time basis. So time management is not so much possible for them.

But a Web Designing Companies always keep, time management in their mind. As a Web Designing Company when we get any web designing work, first of all, we analyze how much time it will take to complete. It could be done only by exploring the project module by module and calculate the man-hours it will take to complete. By calculating the estimated time and man-hours we check for the availability of the designers and divide the modules among them according to the availability of them. That means a team will work on that project which results if a one member of the team is not available for some reason than, the whole project will not suffer. That is how we manage the time in the company, to serve their project on time to the end-user. Which is not easily possible in case of an individual freelance web designer.


Whenever you hire a Web Designer or Web Designing Company for your website, it’s just not for work, which is done and forgot, they will become a part of your project. You only have some idea about the website or service you are going provide by this website, but the web designer makes it alive, gives breath to it and then it becomes as you want it would be.
So it is very important when you choose a web designer or web designing company which is going to alive your idea in terms of a website, is trustworthy or not.

Some times when you hire a freelance web designer and you, not know anything about him and you never met him/her personally, there is also a possibility he/she is not so trustworthy. At the same time when you contract with a web designing company for your project, they will be trustful to you because it will come under the company policy. They are always liable for project secrecy and privacy.


Proper communication is very important, for making a good understanding between you and web designer or web designing company you contracts for your project. If you are not so technical or not so much aware of web designing and related term you’ll explain it according to your vision. This is the time where the communication skill and expertize will be tested. If they are not able to understand your vision then, they might not good for your project.

Communicating about the project and understanding it, is very essential for start working on any project. So as a Web Designing Company, we appoint a very good reception team for requirement gathering, who communicates with you, understand your vision and provide you some suggestions in order to enhance your project if needed. Almost every freelance web designers and even most of web designing company do not have such a team.

Maintenance & Support:

Will you get maintenance & support once your project got completed?
That is the first question you have to keep in mind before making a contract of your website with a freelance web designer or a web designing company. When you ask for that, almost every freelance web designer and most of the web designing company do not agree with that, they agreed only after charging you a lot of money. Sometimes they all agree with providing maintenance & support for which they charge you, and at the same time when you need these services, they walk away. They, all are who don’t have any customer relationship policy, they only believe in work for one time make more money, targeted the new one.

Unlike them, we, Website Makers, are available for 24/7 online support for free, ask the client for feedback and also provide after work maintenance, at no or very nominal cost, according to the term plan, which they choose.

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