Top 10 website builders in the world | Drag and drop

Website builders 

If you do not have any knowledge of HTML or any of the web development language still you can develop beautiful websites. Now a days you may find a lot of website builders which do not need any kind of coding requirement. Most of these builders are just drag and drop. In these website builders all the things there like text , image , video , html , shapes and many more. You just need to drag whatever you want and place where ever you want in the website without need of any kind of coding.

                                                         Now i will let you know about the top website builders now a days. I will also let you know the pros and cons about them. Given below is a list of these website builders.

  • squarespace
  • Jimdo
  • site123
  • zoho website builder
  • webnode website builder

Listed above are the best website builders , now we will discuss about them one by one.