Top 10 domain registrars in the world

What are domain registrars ?

Domain registrar is basically a company which allow you to buy or register a domain name. All domain registrars works under the guidelines of ICANN. ICANN is a non profit organization which set the protocols for domain registrars. Here domain name is the main identity or name of a website like is domain name for website. In this way every website get a unique domain name. Once a name (domain name) is sold by a user , the same name can not be taken by another user at the same time. Domain name are sold by domain registrars for a period of time i.e. 1 year , 2 year . After this period is expired and if its owner have not renewed the domain name, then that domain name will again available for sale.

List of top domain registrars in the world

  6. Bigrock
  8. 1&1
  11. Google domains
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