Refund Policy

Refund Policy –

By reading this refund policy you are giving us a consent that you agree with our refund policy. When you are placing any kind of order on our website then you are also giving a consent that you agree with our privacy policy , terms of use and refund policy.

Note – In this complete refund policy page wherever “us” , “website makers”,”website maker” is used referring the website . Wherever the term like “you” , “user” , “customer” is used referring to the customer/clients who is checking this refund policy page.

Refund policy

Refund policy on this page is valid for our all services on and our refund policy defines in which cases we will give you full or partial refund. According to our refund policy every thing depends on the time frame.

Full refund – We provide full refund only in case , if the order is canceled in between the 24 hours from when the order was placed. If 24 hours are passed from the time of order placement then only partial refunds will be given. Partial refunds will be given according to the policy of

Policy for partial refund


Time frame-  when you give us order for any service we give you a specific time frame in which we will deliver a fully developed product or promised service. Time frame for predefined on this website is already given. If a user wants customize product or service which is not mentioned on our price and plan page then the time frame will be defined by our experts at the time of order placement.

Man hours – Man hours term define the hours or part of time frame or fraction of the time frame which is already been given to the project after the placement of the order.

Order value – Order value here define the complete “payable amount” on completion of a certain project. In case of a custom product or service order order value will be given by our experts by our own calculation as a proposal.

Percentage of Time frame done will be calculated on the already lapsed man hours.

(lapsed man hours * 100)/ Time frame = percentage of time frame done 

Money lapsed in the project = (order value/100) * percentage of time frame done

Partial refund amount = order value – money lapsed in the project

Our refund policy is transparent. Final value of partial refund amount will be calculated by us.

Note – Man hours will be always calculated from the time when the order was placed.

  • In case if customer mind is changing in between the product , we will try to fulfill his requirement. In this case time frame will increase and so the order value will be also increased. Now the total delivery time of the  product or service will increase and order value will be increased in the same ratio. Thus partial refund in this case will be calculated by the new time frame and new order value by the same formula given above.
  • Our refund policy is transparent still if any dispute will come ,the dispute will be resolved according to our refund policy. As by placing an order ,you already given us a consent that you agree to our privacy policy , terms of use and refund policy.
  • In case of any legal dispute , the court in lucknow , Uttar pradesh , India will be the only authorize court where you can start a any kind of legal proceeding against us.